Discover the Meaning of your Lotus Flower Color!

The lotus flower – or the Flower of Life – is considered to be sacred in many parts of the world.

Each different lotus flower color has a different meaning and symbolism attached to it.

Lotus Flowers

White Lotus Flower

White lotus flowers signify beauty, grace, peace, fertility and faith.

They are also associated with purity of mind and spiritual knowledge.

Lotus Flowers

Pink Lotus Flower

Pink lotus flowers are associated with the spiritual path and with enlightenment.

They hold a special place in several religions, including Buddhism.

Lotus Flowers

Purple Lotus Flower

Associated with Buddhism, the Buddha is often presented as sitting serenely on a lotus flower.

The color represents self-awakening, harmony, faithfulness and balance.

Lotus Flowers

Blue Lotus Flower

Blue lotus flowers are the rarest and hardest to find.

They are thought to represent emotion, the mind, wisdom, knowledge and also worldly aspirations.

Lotus Flowers

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Lotus Flowers