How to Care for a Christmas Cactus

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The Christmas cactus plant is a popular winter-blooming succulent that produces lovely flowers. As a type of succulent, its care is minimal and undemanding. 

Christmas Cactus


Choose an east-facing window for the best lighting. However, avoid windows that face south, as these areas have the strongest sun exposure.

Christmas Cactus Tips


Your plants need thorough waterings frequently while it actively grows in the spring and summer. The soil should have time to dry out slightly between waterings. 

Christmas Cactus Tips


After your Cactus finishes its flowering period, prepare your plant for its dormancy time. This process can encourage your plants to re-bloom if done 6 to 8 weeks before you want them to flower.

Christmas Cactus Tips

Now you've got the basics mastered, learn more tips on caring for your Christmas Cactus at the link below!

Christmas Cactus Tips