How to Care for a Dragon Tail Plant

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Looking like a cross between the Swiss cheese plant and pathos, the Dragon tail plant is one of the most popular climbing plants you can add to your indoor landscape!

Dragon Tail Tips


Dragon Tails love rainforest environments - they prefer bright but indirect light for 4-6 hours of the day

Dragon Tail Tips


Keep your Dragon Tail plant watered - but don't leave it standing in water. Remove water from saucers. 

Check if the soil is dry using your fingers - water if the first 2 inches are dry.

Dragon Tail Tips


Coming from South East Asia, Dragon Tail plants like warm, humid environments. 

Keep yours between 65-75F or 18-24C.

Most room temperatures should be fine.

Dragon Tail Tips

Now you've got the basics mastered, learn more tips on caring for your Dragon Tail houseplant at the link below!

Dragon Tail Tips