How to Care for a Peace Lily Plant

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A peace lily plant – also known as Spathiphyllum – is a great houseplant with beautiful white flowers & lush green foliage. It is renowned for its air-purifying powers.

Peace Lily Tips


Too much direct sunlight will scorch their beautiful leaves. In their natural habitat, they would have been partially shaded from the sun by the rainforest canopy. 

Peace Lily Tips


Peace lilies tend to prefer a light watering. Use the finger test once a week to check the moisture levels in the top few centimeters of soil. If it’s dry, give it a light water. If it’s damp, skip the water.

Peace Lily Tips


If the room is particularly dry, you can mist every few days. Or keep it near other humidity-loving indoor plants so that they can form a microclimate support system.

Peace Lily Tips

Now you've got the basics mastered, learn more tips on caring for your Peace Lilies at the link below!

Peace Lily Tips