How to Care for a Poinsettia Plant

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Poinsettias can be found in a range of colors including cream and pink. They were traditionally used by the Aztecs in Central America for medicinal purposes.

Poinsettias Tips


Poinsettias need bright, indirect light. This means that they should be near a south-facing window but not directly next to a light source.

Poinsettias Tips


To know when to water, lift the pot up and see how it feels. If the pot feels lighter than usual, and the soil looks dry then it’s probably time to water.

Poinsettias Tips


If possible try to keep them away from doorways and fireplaces, but if you do keep them near a warm draft, accommodate the change with a humidifier and extra water. 

Poinsettias Tips

Now you've got the basics mastered, learn more tips on caring for your Poinsettias at the link below!

Poinsettias Tips