About How To Houseplant

How To Houseplant was born to replace what has been lost in this world – a connection to the outside. We’ve all become immersed in our own little worlds of concrete, technology, and social isolation that we have forgotten what it means to be a part of the bigger world at large.

Historically, our ancestors in every part of the world were highly integrated into their natural surroundings. We used plants for everything including medicine, food, as tools of assassination, currency, to convey messages, and so much more in between.

Now more than ever plants are once again playing an integral role in our lives and our homes – we consider them to be part of our family.

We love them, care for them, tend to them when they are sick, and we make them grow. Surprisingly, our houseplants also take care of us. They support us mentally, can provide food for us, or simply bring a bright splash of color into our lives that make us smile.

The possibilities are endless!

However, sometimes owning a houseplant doesn’t always go according to plan and that feeling can be frustrating, trust me. This site was conceived because we want to support all those who have decided to reconnect with nature in their homes. If you’re missing something in your life, try asking the question: “How to houseplant?”

Wherever you live, whatever you choose to grow, and how you choose to grow it should be effortless and natural. We promise to give you the expert answer you’re looking for.

Alex Tinsman
Founder & Chief Editor

About Alex

Tall. Dorky. Introvert. Loves history and smelling all the flowers – no stranger to pollen stains on his face.

Current floral favorites: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Lilac, Tulips, Pink Polka Dot, & Orchids.

Born in Wisconsin and raised in Iowa. Thinks the best time of the year is when his mother and grandmother bring their blooming summer plants indoors to decorate the kitchen table with a truly magnificent bouquet.

While he loves the beautiful simplicity of flowers and houseplants, Alex also immerses himself in history documentaries, techno music, and laying in the sun to wash away his pastiness.

Meet The Houseplant Experts

Catherine Allsop
Contrubuting Author

Catherine inherited a love of things that bloom from her mother and grandmother. Her journey began with lavender picking in her mother’s garden and using rhubarb leaves as an umbrella in her grandmother’s. Visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London and the many award-winning gardens in Yorkshire – her home county in the UK – provided further inspiration.

An interest in beautiful gardens soon transferred into the home too. The air-purifying and room-beautifying abilities of houseplants triggered a life-long love affair with houseplants.

Catherine’s current collection of leafy greens includes a gloriously large monstera (cheese plant), a low maintenance snake plant now of family heirloom status and an over-temperamental peace lily which was a housewarming gift from a friend. Catherine also loves the interesting shapes of succulents and the structural beauty of her ZZ plant.

When Catherine is not reviving peace lilies and dusting monstera leaves, she loves doing yoga, writing and visiting historical sites.

Sara Trimble
Contrubuting Author

Once upon a time, Sara Trimble was the lady who could kill a cactus. Today, she’s the fun and fabulous expert plant mom who rocks at growing the coolest, trickiest plants. Her favorites to grow are orchids, roses, succulents, and luscious vines. 

Sara has grown – and killed – hundreds of plants and she shares her green-thumb successes and failures to help other plant murderers discover correct plant care. 

As a true Renaissance lady, Sara is also an expert in home decor and home improvement, pets, childcare and parenting, psychology, cooking, and all things party-related. 

In her spare time, she raises four kids, two dogs, and a husband. She also owns and operates several online craft business stores and websites. Be sure to follow her on social media to keep up with her hilarious daily antics.

Katie Riggs

Katie’s love of plants began at a young age, in fact it was the first time she went camping and discovered the medicinal wonders of a dock leaf (after a run in with some stinging nettles!) that the fascination with all things botanical took hold. 

Spending time in nature has always been her way to feel better so she started frequently visiting Kew Gardens where she became obsessed with the diversity of plants you could grow at home. Hundreds of mistakes later she has become well versed in how not to kill a houseplant. 

Her passions now involve sharing her love of nature and all things green to help other people keep their plants happy and healthy. 

Her favourite things to grow are herbs and vegetables outdoors as well as her prized fiddle leaf fig and calathea orbifolia. 

When she takes a break from tending to her garden you’ll often find her in the library finding something new to learn about or canoeing with her family. She also loves to travel to see where all her houseplants are from.

So What’s Next?

Curious about how our enthusiastic experts can help your houseplants live a long, green, and gorgeous life? Click here to learn more!