Best AeroGarden – 5 Awesome Picks!

If your gardening ambitions have been stifled by limited space, AeroGarden is here to liberate your green dreams with the best systems on offer. These compact gardens fit seamlessly into any room, turning even the tiniest apartment into an urban oasis.

Say goodbye to mediocre, store-bought herbs. With the best AeroGarden, you’ll experience the intense, freshly picked flavors and aromas you’ve been craving. AeroGarden makes nurturing plants as easy as ordering takeout. With its foolproof technology, even the clumsiest gardeners (like yours truly) can produce a thriving crop.

I had the delight of test-driving a bunch of AeroGarden models, and I’ve got to say – the AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim has swept me off my feet. It’s compact, suave, and ready to infiltrate your countertop. I went with the brushed silver finish, but there’s a copper version for those who fancy a bit of bling in their kitchen jungle.

As for my herbs, salads, and cherry tomatoes, they’re living their best lives on my kitchen bench.

AeroGarden has a smorgasbord of products in various sizes and flaunts different features. Let’s dive into the cream of the crop!

herbs growing in wooden vertical boxes

Product Reviews

Best Overall- AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim

person holding leaf in hand


This little hydroponic wonder is like the superhero of indoor gardening; it’s here to rescue your veggies, herbs, and flowers from the treacherous world of soil.

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim gives you the gift of indoor gardening without the mess of dirt. Say goodbye to mud-covered hands and that inevitable dirt trail from your garden to your living room – this thing works its magic with good ol’ H2O.

This slender stainless-steel beauty isn’t just a pretty face; it’s got room for six different live plants, and can reach up to 12 inches tall.

Let’s discuss the lighting situation – this AeroGarden has a full-spectrum 20W LED grow light. It’s so good that your plants grow up to 5 times faster than they would in soil.

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim also has a touch-sensitive illuminated digital display control panel that reminds you when your leafy buddies need some H2O and plant food.

You get the 20W LED grow light system, a power adapter, and one 3 oz. bottle of liquid plant food. But that’s not all; you also get the Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, featuring Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, and Mint.

This marvel of modern horticulture stands at a modest 17.4 inches in height, 10.5 inches in width, and 6.25 inches in depth.

The automated features, like low water and nutrient reminders, remind you when to pamper them.

Key Features

  • Indoor gardening without soil for mess-free convenience.
  • Accommodates up to six different live plants, each growing up to 12 inches tall.
  • Equipped with a high-performance full spectrum 20W LED grow light with automatic on/off timer.
  • Touch-sensitive illuminated digital display control panel for easy monitoring and maintenance.
  • Reminders for adding water and plant food make plant care a breeze.
  • Comes with a 6-Pod Seed Kit, including options like Gourmet Herbs, Heirloom Salad, Red Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, or Cascading Petunias.
  • Includes one 3 oz. bottle of liquid plant food for optimal plant nutrition.
  • Compact and elegant stainless-steel finish.
  • Automated features, including low water and nutrient reminders.
  • Vacation mode to keep your plants healthy when you’re away.

Who’s It for?

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim is an absolute gem for the urban dweller who dreams of having a flourishing garden but needs more outdoor space and a green thumb to make it happen.

It’s for the city slicker who yearns for the freshest herbs, crispy salads, and juicy cherry tomatoes right in the heart of their bustling kitchen. This sleek hydroponic wonder is perfect for the busy professional who’s always on the go and the culinary enthusiast who craves farm-to-table freshness in every meal.

If you can’t keep a plant alive to save your life (trust us, we’ve been there), the AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim is your plant-saving superhero. It’s for the foodie, the apartment-dweller, the tech-savvy gardener, and anyone looking to add a touch of green magic to their life without the dirt and drama.

Browse the store here:

Most Basic- AeroGarden Bounty Basic


The AeroGarden Bounty Basic can accommodate up to nine of your favorite plants; you’re nurturing basil, parsley, dill, thyme, and an entire green entourage!

Speaking of the green entourage, this gadget’s 30W LED grow light is no ordinary lightbulb; it’s a full-spectrum superstar. Your plants will grow up to 5 times faster than in soil.

You won’t be playing the role of helicopter plant parent with this one. The AeroGarden Bounty Basic has an automatic lighting timer and a touchscreen control panel that practically babysits for you. 

The AeroGarden bounty basic boasts an adjustable grow height of 24 inches, ensuring even your tallest veggies can reach for the stars (or the LED lights).

It’s not just the garden you get; it’s the whole shebang. The AeroGarden Bounty Basic comes with the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit. This includes herbs to grow like Genovese Basil (times two, because one basil just isn’t enough), Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, Mint, Chives, and Italian Parsley.

This horticultural marvel may not have Wi-Fi, but it’s got a high-resolution black and white display that reminds you when it’s time to give your plants some love—water, and plant food.

Are you worried about leaving your leafy companions behind when you jet off for a vacation? No stress! The vacation mode keeps your plants thriving while you’re off gallivanting worldwide.

Key Features

  • Hydroponic garden for growing up to 9 herbs, vegetables, or flowers indoors year-round without soil.
  • 30W LED grow light provides full-spectrum lighting, promoting plant growth up to 5x faster than soil.
  • Automatic lighting timer and touchscreen control panel for easy management.
  • Vacation mode ensures your plants grow healthy when you’re away.
  • Adjustable grow height of up to 24 inches to accommodate tall plants.
  • Largest water bowl capacity among countertop garden models.
  • High-resolution black and white display with water and plant food reminders.
  • Comes with a Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit featuring multiple herb varieties.
  • Easy plant setup and care tips included.
  • 34″ height, 17.25″ width, and 11.25″ depth.
  • Low water and nutrient reminders for plant care.
  • Automated lights for optimal growth.
  • Vacation mode for plant care during your absence.

Who’s It for?

The AeroGarden Bounty Basic is a one-way ticket to becoming the ultimate plant parent extraordinaire. It’s for those who have dreamed of having a green thumb but somehow ended up with fingers that can barely keep a cactus alive.

It’s the perfect sidekick for the busy bee with a hectic schedule but still craves the joy of nurturing their own mini-garden. If you’re the type who can’t be trusted to keep your plants hydrated or the kind who has a habit of overwatering, worry not!

This garden guru will remind you when to shower your leafy pals with love; by love, we mean water and plant food. The Aerogarden bounty is for the culinary enthusiast who wants a constant supply of fresh herbs at arm’s reach, for the apartment-dweller with dreams of a garden that won’t fit on their windowsill. Additionally, it’s for the plant parent looking to expand their plant family without sacrificing their entire living room.

Most Customizable- AeroGarden Farm


Is growing a few plants cool? Well, how about growing a whopping 24 different herb, veggie, or flower varieties simultaneously and all year round? This garden boss comes with not one but TWO fully customizable 60W LED grow lights. It’s like installing stadium lighting for your plants.

An automatic timer ensures the lights go on and off at precisely the right time. A digital screen tells you when to pamper your plants with water and add plant food.

If you are feeling lazy but still want to nurture your garden with WiFi connectivity, you can monitor and control your green kingdom remotely.

Suppose your living space is more vertically inclined than horizontally expansive -no problem! The AeroGarden Farm 24Basic boasts an adjustable grow height of 12 inches, and you can even stack it with other Farm gardens for some epic vertical gardening action. You can literally build a plant skyscraper in your own home if you like!

You get two Salad Bar Seed Pod Kits featuring 9 lettuce pods, 3 herb pods, and 12 tomato pods. It has a touchscreen control panel and is Wi-Fi savvy (requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection). Plus, it sends you handy reminders about watering and feeding your plant buddies through the garden and the AeroGarden app.

Standing tall at 24 inches, 36 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, this garden behemoth isn’t shy about its size.

Key Features

  • Grow up to 24 different herb, vegetable, or flower varieties simultaneously, year-round.
  • Two fully customizable 60W LED grow lights for rapid plant growth (up to 5x faster than soil).
  • Automatic timer for precise lighting control.
  • The digital screen provides water and plant food reminders.
  • WiFi connectivity allows remote monitoring and control.
  • Adjustable grow height of 12 inches, with the option for vertical gardening by stacking.
  • Includes two Salad Bar Seed Pod Kits with lettuce, herbs, and tomato pods.
  • Touch screen control panel for easy operation.
  • High-resolution display.
  • Dimensions: 24″ height, 36″ width, 14″ depth.
  • WiFi compatibility requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.
  • Automated lights and dimmable features.
  • Vacation mode for plant care during your absence.

Who’s It for?

It’s for the person who doesn’t just want a garden; they want a plant kingdom. We’re talking about the green enthusiast who’s ready to take their indoor gardening game to legendary levels.

It’s for the multitasker who wants fresh herbs, veggies, and flowers growing.

This garden will make even the most notorious plant killers look like gardening gurus. It’s for the tech-savvy plant parent who wants to control their garden with the same device they use to binge-watch cat videos.

Highest Yielding-  AeroGarden Farm XL

plants growing in jars with exposed roots


This gadget is like the Ferrari of indoor gardens, and I’ve had the privilege of taking it for a spin.

First, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your own urban jungle but are more accustomed to turning plants into shriveled zombies, Farm XL is your salvation. It’s a 36-pod garden that can grow everything from herbs to veggies to flowers—all at once!

The Farm XL doesn’t mess around when it comes to lighting. It has two customizable 60W LED grow lights brighter than a supernova. Your plants will be photosynthesizing at warp speed, growing up to 5 times faster than those poor souls stuck in the soil.

But here’s the kicker: Farm XL is not just brawn; it’s got brains, too. It’s an automatic timer to ensure your plants reach their daily light dose on schedule. Plus, there’s a touchscreen control panel that’s fancier than your smartphone.

It even has WiFi connectivity, so you can monitor and control your garden from your couch, bathtub, or even from the summit of Mount Everest (assuming you’ve got WiFi up there).

Don’t let limited space cramp your green style. Farm XL has an adjustable grow height of 24 inches and is stackable for those who dream of gardening in skyscrapers.

And the loot that comes with it? Two Salad Bar Seed Pod Kits with enough pods to keep your salad bowl brimming all year.

This garden wizard has a high-resolution touchscreen that could rival your smart TV. Plus, it sends you water and plant food reminders like a persistent but lovable personal assistant.

Key Features

  • Grow up to 36 different herb, vegetable, or flower varieties simultaneously, making it perfect for hobbyists and aspiring urban farmers.
  • Equipped with two fully customizable 60W LED grow lights, plants grow up to 5 times faster than traditional soil-based methods.
  • An automatic timer ensures your plants receive the right light, keeping them on a consistent growth schedule.
  • A touchscreen control panel offers user-friendly navigation and customization options. WiFi connectivity allows remote monitoring and control of your garden.
  • With a maximum grow height of 24 inches, you can accommodate taller plants like tomatoes and peppers.
  • Perfect for maximizing vertical space, you can stack multiple Farm XL units to create a multi-tiered garden.
  • Comes with two Salad Bar Seed Pod Kits, including various pods for growing fresh salads, herbs, and tomatoes.
  • The touchscreen control panel offers high resolution and easy navigation. WiFi connectivity enables remote monitoring and control.
  • With dimensions of 36 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and 12 inches in depth, it provides a substantial growing space for taller plants.
  • Receive reminders for watering and adding plant food, ensuring optimal care for your garden.
  • Keep your plants thriving even when you’re away with this helpful feature.

Who’s It for?

The AeroGarden Farm XL is for the green dreamer who wants more than just a few potted plants on the windowsill. It’s for the urban dweller with limited outdoor space but an unlimited passion for gardening.

Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or someone whose plants usually stage a revolt and turn brown, this garden giant is your go-to.

It’s for those who crave a touch of technology in their gardening, where you can practically grow your tomato plants without stepping outside.

Check out the store to browse!

Most Sophisticated- AeroGarden Bounty Elite


I’ve had the pleasure of giving the Aerogarden Bounty elite a whirl, and this bad boy lets you grow up to 9 different herbs, veggies, or flowers simultaneously.

The 50W adjustable LED grow light – it’s not just any light; your plants get the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow faster than a squirrel chasing a nut.

The Bounty Elite is brainier than a rocket scientist. It boasts an automatic timer that ensures your plants get the right amount of light without you lifting a finger. And the digital screen? It tells you everything about your garden’s health and even reminds you when it’s snack time for your plants.

If you’ve ever wanted your plants to experience sunrise and sunset? Well, Bounty Elite’s got you covered. Thanks to the fancy-pants lighting, your plants can wake up and wind down like you.

Like Bounty Basic, the Bounty Elite has a vacation mode that’ll babysit your plants while you sip margaritas on the beach. Your green buddies will be thriving, even when you’re not around.

But wait, there’s more! It plays nice with WiFi and Alexa, so you can control it from your AeroGarden app or shout orders at it through your Amazon Echo.

With its stainless-steel design, larger water bowl, and grow deck, it’s the George Clooney of gardens – sophisticated, suave, and ready to impress.

Key Features

  • Grow up to 9 different herbs, vegetables, or flower varieties simultaneously, transforming your home into a flourishing garden.
  •  A 50W adjustable LED grow light provides optimal plant lighting, promoting growth up to 5 times faster than outdoor gardens.
  • An automatic timer ensures precise lighting schedules, while a digital screen displays garden statistics and provides reminders for watering and adding plant food.
  • Enjoy infinite dimming options for creating the perfect lighting ambiance for your plants.
  • Give your plants the experience of natural light cycles with sunrise and sunset lighting.
  • Keep your plants healthy even when you’re away with a unique vacation mode.
  • Compatible with WiFi and Alexa, allowing remote monitoring and control through the AeroGarden app or Amazon Echo.
  • Features a modern stainless steel design with a larger water bowl and grow deck.

Who’s It for?

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite isn’t just for your run-of-the-mill gardener; it’s for the culinary connoisseur who craves the freshest herbs for their dishes but can’t keep a potted basil alive to save their pasta.

It’s for the gadget guru who wants their garden to respond to their voice commands – because shouting “grow faster” at their outdoor garden didn’t quite do the trick.

It’s for the savvy space-saver who’s turned every nook and cranny of their apartment into a garden oasis. With the Bounty Elite, you can grow larger plants even if your square footage is smaller than a carrot.

This garden is like a zen retreat for plant enthusiasts who want to grow plants without breaking a sweat.

Step by Step Buying Guide

herbs sat on the windowsill

So, you’re ready to embark on your AeroGarden journey, but with so many models and features to choose from, where do you start? Fear not, because we’ve got your back with this step-by-step buying guide to help you pick the best AeroGarden for your needs:

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Before you dive into the world of AeroGardens, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Are you looking to grow fresh herbs for culinary adventures, nurture vibrant flowers, or cultivate salad greens? Knowing your goals will narrow down your options.

Step 2: Assess Your Space

Consider the space where you plan to put your AeroGarden. Is it a small countertop, a spacious kitchen, or a dedicated gardening area? AeroGardens come in various sizes, so make sure it fits comfortably in your chosen spot.

Step 3: Determine Your Plant Selection

Different AeroGarden models accommodate different numbers of seed pods, ranging from 3 to 24 or more. Decide how many plants you want to grow at once. If you have specific herbs or veggies in mind, ensure the model you choose offers compatible seed pod kits.

Step 4: Evaluate Lighting Needs

Lighting is crucial for plant growth. AeroGardens come with various types and wattages of LED grow lights. If you’re growing plants requiring intense or limited natural light in your space, opt for a model with a higher-wattage LED light.

Step 5: Consider Automation and Features

balcony herb garden

AeroGardens comes with different levels of automation and features. Some have touchscreen controls, WiFi connectivity, and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa. Decide how tech-savvy you want your AeroGarden to be and choose accordingly.

Step 6: Budget Wisely

Determine your budget. AeroGardens vary in price based on their size and features. While some models offer more bells and whistles, others provide a basic yet practical gardening experience. Choose one that aligns with your budget without compromising your essential requirements.

Step 7: Read Reviews and Compare

Before making a final decision, read user reviews and compare different models. Real-world experiences from other AeroGarden enthusiasts can provide valuable insights into a model’s performance, ease of use, and longevity.

Step 8: Check Warranty and Customer Support

Investigate the warranty and customer support offered by AeroGarden. A good guarantee ensures peace of mind in case of any issues with your unit.

Step 9: Purchase and Enjoy

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and decided, purchase and get ready to enjoy your indoor gardening adventure. Follow the setup instructions carefully, select your seed pods, and watch your garden flourish.


Which AeroGarden is best?

The best AeroGarden depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the number of plants you want to grow, available space, desired features (such as Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen controls, or lighting options), and your budget.

What is the difference between AeroGardens?

AeroGardens vary in size, capacity, lighting, and features. Smaller models like the Harvest have a more compact design and fewer plant pods, while larger models like the Farm series offer more planting space. Some models have higher-wattage LED grow lights for faster growth, while others are more basic regarding features.

Are Aerogardens worth it?

AeroGardens can be worth it for individuals who enjoy gardening but have limited outdoor space, face challenging weather conditions, or want to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. They offer convenience control over growing conditions and can be cost-effective over time compared to buying store-bought produce.

What’s best to grow in an AeroGarden?

Aero Gardens are excellent for growing herbs like basil, mint, parsley, and thyme. They also work well for salad greens, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, and flowers. Ensure you select the correct plants for the lights supplied by your AeroGarden model.

How long will an AeroGarden last?

The longevity of an AeroGarden depends on its build quality and how well it’s maintained. With proper care and maintenance, including regular cleaning, replacement of grow bulbs when needed, and keeping the water reservoir clean, AeroGardens can last for several years.

Do plants grow faster in AeroGarden?

Plants typically grow faster in an AeroGarden than in traditional soil-based gardening. AeroGardens provide optimal growing conditions, including consistent lighting, temperature, and nutrient delivery, accelerating plant growth. Some plants may grow up to five times faster than in soil.

AeroGarden: Where Your Indoor Green Dreams Sprout to Life!

When choosing the best AeroGarden for your indoor gardening adventures, the AeroGarden Elite Slim stands tall as our top pick. Its slender, stylish design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen or countertop, and with room for six plants, it’s both practical and efficient. 

The high-performance 20W LED grow light ensures your plants flourish at an impressive pace, and the touch-sensitive digital display panel keeps you informed and in control. The AeroGarden Elite Slim is not just an indoor garden. It’s a hassle-free, year-round growing experience that caters to both beginners and experienced gardeners.

The AeroGarden Bounty Basic steps up to the plate for our second-place accolade. With the ability to grow up to nine plants and powerful 30W LED grow light, it’s a fantastic choice for those looking to expand their gardening horizons. While it might not have all the bells and whistles of the Elite Slim, its simplicity and effectiveness make it a solid option for those wanting to dive into indoor gardening without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, whether you choose the elegant AeroGarden Elite Slim or the dependable AeroGarden Bounty Basic, you’re embarking on a journey of fresh herbs, vibrant veggies, and blossoming flowers right in the comfort of your home. With AeroGarden by your side, your green thumb will shine, and your culinary creations will flourish like never before. Happy gardening!

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