Best Pot for Monstera – 5 Great Players

If you have found yourself overwhelmed with choice on your search for the best pot for monstera, I’ve got you covered! After a lot of research I’m happy to share with you my top 5 picks for a monstera.

I’ve picked Fengson’s Indoor Planter as the creme de la creme. It’s got everything. It’s classy and stylish but in a subtle way. Suitable for basically any decor scheme. It’s not too expensive, loads of drainage and it has a saucer so it’s suitable for indoors. I chose the white option because I think the gorgeous leaves of a monstera plant will be highlighted by the pot’s monochrome style.

I’ve also found some species choices depending on your priorities, there’s a choice for the budget-conscious, the people who never water their plants and a few options from the different materials!

gray pot with monstera gray background

Meet the Candidates

Keep reading for the ins and outs of each pot: top features, size recommendations, tips and more!

Product Reviews 

Best Overall: Fengson Indoor Planters


Fengson’s indoor planters are a perfect all rounder option. They come in a pack of three with different sizes, which is great for sizing up the plant pot as your monstera grows – or having a pot suitable for different types of monstera. Adansonii would be great in the smaller pot whereas a monstera deliciosa will need the medium or large once they’re matured. 

Fengson pride themselves on their high quality pots, meaning you can use them for plants over and over again and they’ll last! They’re made of a nice, thick ceramic so they’re suitable for a range of plants and environments – monstera species all included.

Key Features: 

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Dimensions: Large pot: 5.2*5.2*4.9inch; Medium pot:4.7*4.7*4.1inch; Small pot: 3.7*3.7*3.3inch.
  • Drainage: Yes 

Who Is It for? 

This pot is perfect for all sorts of plant people and all types of monstera plants – from adansonii to borsigiana. Since it has pretty great drainage the plant is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The saucer is a great way to avoid root rot by allowing for excess water to flow out of the soil. 

It’s suitable for young plants and mature plants alike, the overflow saucer is especially useful for newly planted monstera, their immature root system means water will percolate quickly through the soil. 

Best Affordable Choice: Elho’s Vibes Plant Pot 

monstera in brown clay pot


I absolutely love this range of Elho plant pots, they’re my favorite brand of pot actually and I just think this collection is so cute, affordable and practical. These pots come in a variety of sizes so can suit your adansonii and your deliciosa, you can also then get the same pot for your monstera as it needs sizing up. These pots are made of recycled plastic, they’re superlight weight and so it’s easy to bring them indoors or outdoors across the seasons. 

Key Features: 

  • Material: recycled plastics 
  • Size: 14cm – 30cm
  • Drainage: No

Who Is It for? 

This pot is perfect for anyone who wants a cute pot but without having to splurge or break the bank. The pots can be used indoors or outdoors, just make sure to either add a drainage hole if you’re using them outdoors or use a nursery pot inside the decorative one in order to use the planter indoors. These pots are perfect for people who move about a lot too like college students since they are lightweight and cheap. They’re also stackable when not in use. Plus they come in a range of sizes and colors.

Best Self-Watering: White Self-Watering Planters for Monstera


These pots are a cute and practical option for many people. They come in two sizes and have wooden legs to elevate the plant and keep it off the floor. The plant pot has a double layer internal structure to separate the soil from the water reservoir. The pot includes drainage holes at the bottom of the inner pot which allow the roots to absorb the water it needs. It’s really easy to top up and there is a water indicator that lets you know when it is time to add more. The pots are lightweight and very durable and the material is perfectly safe for the plants. The legs of the stand are coated in a varnish too to help prolong the lifespan of the planter. 

Key Features: 

  • Material: Polyethene
  • Size: small pot – 5.5″D x 5.5″W x 7″H, middle pot –  6.5″D x 6.5″W x 9″H
  • Drainage: Yes

Who Is It for? 

This pot is an amazing option if you’re someone who travels a lot or spends a lot of time out of the home, meaning you struggle to regularly water your plants. It’s also great if you’re just forgetful or don’t like the hassle of watering. 

Best Ceramic: DeeCoo Decorative Pots 


This set comes with three different sized pots, perfect for monstera plants at all stages of life. It’s available in blue or orange. I think they’re both pretty and the choice allows you to find something that will look good with your home style. Each plant pot is unique because they are hand embossed with the floral pattern.Key Features: 

  • Material: ceramic and plastic
  • Comes with three sizes: 3.5 inch, 4.7 inch, 5.7 inch.
  • Drainage: yes

Who Is It for? 

These plant pots would make a lovely gift for any recipient or occasion, especially a housewarming gift. They’re the perfect choice for someone who wants to grow their plants outdoors as the ceramic will be heavy enough to withstand any windy days. The pots are super pretty and would really liven up an office space, honestly I think they’re a great fit for everyone

Bonus points: DeeCoo offer a money back guarantee if you have a problem with the plant pot.

Best Terracotta: Medium 8 Inch Terracotta Plant Pot with Drainage Hole and Saucer 


This is a handcrafted plant pot made from terracotta clay meaning that the plant will benefit from extra breathability thanks to terracotta’s porous nature. The planter has a saucer which catches extra water and prevents a mess on the floor. The drainage hole prevents root rot by allowing water to percolate through and out of the soil. The planter also comes with a mesh net to prevent soil from falling out, and it even includes a scratch pad to protect surfaces from the pot.Key Features: 

  • Material: Earthenware
  • Size: 4-10inches
  • Drainage: yes

Who Is It for? 

This terracotta pot is a great option for people who want a sleek, minimal look with a functional pot or even people who are keen to customize their pots. I love to paint mine after I buy them to match my other pots, then you have something uniquely yours!

Buying Guide and What You Should Know


The best choice for a succulent pot will be something with great drainage, I like to use terracotta or ceramic pots instead of plastic. Plastic pots are a lot less breathable and therefore the soil stays wet for longer. 

Plant Pots Compared by Material 
PlasticCeramic Terracotta 
Super cheap More expensive Super duper cheap 
Less breathable Breathable Extra breathable 
Ugliest choiceLoads of aesthetic options Cute but less options

A monstera will be fine in any type of pot, just keep in mind the material you choose when figuring out how often to water. Terracotta and ceramic are great because they are porous and allow the water to wick out of the soil faster, helping the monstera regulate the water levels in the soil and prevent root rot. 

Plastic pots are great because they are super easy to move around, they are light, cheap and can be cut to size if needed. It’s also easy to cut a drainage hole into pots without them. 

monstera in brown pot white background

If you chose to grow your plant in a wood/wicker/natural type material (I haven’t recommended any on this list but there are loads on the market) just bear in mind they hold moisture so the plant will need watering less frequently. 

The major no-no is a metal pot, they’re alright sometimes if you already have one it’s not the end of the world, but in the sun they get really hot and they can also rust over time. This means they’ll need replacing more often and the extra heat and rust can really damage the plant. 


My general rule of thumb is you’ll want a pot that’s around 1-2” deeper and wider than the root ball of the plant for example. Therefore avoid getting a huge pot with the mindset that it gives the plant more room to grow, this leads to shock and root rot. It’s better to get the right size and repot the plant more often, you won’t even necessarily need a new pot each time because you might be able to move your collection of plants through a collection of pots like I do! You can also trim the roots and pot back into the same pot with new soil. 

monstera in white pot on windowsill

By growing your monstera in a pot that is not too much larger than the existing pot you will encourage the plant to focus on growing new shoots instead of new roots, this is great if you want your plant to get a lot bigger or want to propagate them. 


Monstera plants originate from the south of Mexico, Panama, Belize and other warm, lush tropical environments. I therefore like to let my soil dry out and then five the monstera a super through shower (I literally put the plant in the shower), thus drainage is essential. 

I recommend combining a pot with great drainage alongside a soil mix which helps the water percolate, you can add perlite and vermiculite to aid in this process. Bonus tip, if your plant pot has just one large drainage hole use a piece of gauze to stop the soil leaking out of the pot when you water – but never, ever use gravel to improve drainage because it just does not work. 


Do Monsteras like deep or shallow pots? 

Monstera plants tend to grow large roots and are often supported by a moss pole/ trellis of some kind, for this reason I like to use a deep planter. This allows me to insert the moss pole far enough into the pot that it won’t fall over and can support my monstera sufficiently. Just make sure that the pot isn’t too deep or excess water can pool at the bottom where there’s no roots and eventually lead to root rot. 

How do I repot my monstera plant? 

Gently remove the monstera from the planter it’s currently in, you can give it a wiggle and squish the pot about if the plant is stuck. Use this opportunity to shake out the roots, removing as much of the old soil as possible. Insert your chosen support into the new pots and then place the root ball into the center of the pot.

If necessary you might need to remove the root ball, place a layer of soil in the base of the pot and then put the plant in – just depends on the size of the plant. Then you’ll need to start filling in the pot and surround the root ball with the new soil. Try to have the base of the stems around an inch below the new plant pot top. You can tuck aerial roots into the soil at this point if you want to. If you’re using a support, now is the time to attach the stems to the support, and you’re all done. 

What if I love a planter but it has no drainage? 

Very common issue, I feel you, we’ve all been there! If you’ve fallen head over heels for a container and MUST grow a plant in it even though it has no drainage. We can work around this problem. Either, go ahead and drill a hole in the base of the container or more simply, use a nursery pot. The term nursery pot just refers to the plain, basic plastic pots that plants come in when you buy them. I tend to use a nursery pot inside of decorative pots to ensure I can grow my plants indoors and provide them with drainage.

Many nurseries or hardware shops will have free nursery pots and trays available. This means you can take the plant in the nursery pot out, bottom water it and then just pop it back in the decorative pot, it’s easy and mess free.

Extra tip: make sure to clean any nursery pots before you use them, especially if you’re recycling them from an old plant you have had previously. 

The Bottom Line

Funky, fun, stylish pots are another lovely way to express yourself or jazz up your plants, but they’ve got to be practical too. You’ll need a plant pot with drainage, good sizing and bonus points for an overflow tray. 

There’s a pot out there for everyone, any of the 5 pots I have recommended are great options and will do you well. If in doubt, go for the overall all rounder Fengson Indoor Planter which will look great and last you a long time. 

The key things to remember overall when you buy a plant pot are drainage, quality (will it last you a long time) and size.

Happy planting!

Enjoyed Learning About the Best Plant Pots for Your Monsteras?

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