Best Pot Size for Basil – 5 Excellent Picks

Instead of confining this magnificent herb to the limitations of the ground, finding the best size pot for basil brings many benefits. They will make you wonder why you hadn’t embarked on this adventure sooner.

I can confidently say basil grows better in pots. You can control conditions. Prune it at a comfortable level (you will do a lot of this!), and you can move it around wherever you need it. I keep planted basil next to my front door to keep the mossies away and a pot next to my woodfire pizza oven to pluck fresh basil leaves.

What’s the best size pot for basil? You want to go for a smaller pot that is 8-10 inches. I’ve found the Bloomscapes ecopot 10 inch is perfect for basil. It’s light enough to move around, for starters. Bloomscape cares about quality manufacturing and looks pretty sleek too.

That’s not the only pot on the market for growing basil. Check out these other pots that will get your basil bouncing:

Product Reviews

Best Overall- Bloomscape Eco Pots 10 Inch


This pot combines both style and sustainability in the most remarkable way. It’s built to withstand the elements with its waterproof, UV-proof, and frost-resistant qualities. 

Crafted from up to 80% recycled plastics, a significant portion is sourced from our oceans. It warms my eco-conscious heart to know that I’m growing flavorful basil and contributing to reducing plastic waste and ocean conservation. Kudos to Ecopots for their dedication to a greener future.

The drainage hole prevents unwanted waterlogging in the potting mix. Ecopots provides a detached saucer that catches excess water, keeping my surfaces clean and free from moisture-related mishaps.

The Ecopots Round Pot 10″ truly embodies the concept of minimalist elegance. Its clean lines and timeless aesthetic blend into any home decor.

This size pot boasts a diameter of 9.8″ and a height of 8.6″. It provides space for growing basil while being compact enough to fit my gardening setup. The pot’s weight of 2.1 lbs makes it easy to handle and move around, depending on my basil’s need for indirect sunlight or shade.

basil by the window in grey pot

Key Features

  • It is frost-, UV-, and water-resistant for use indoors and out
  • Made from elements obtained from the ocean and up to 80% recycled plastic
  • Has a hole for drainage to ensure appropriate water flow
  • A removable saucer for removing liquids and keeping surfaces clean
  • A timeless, minimalistic style that goes with any type of interior decoration
  • enduring design for long-term use
  • Certified CO2 Neutral Product and CO2 Neutral Business, demonstrating the firm’s dedication to sustainability
  • Pot dimensions are 9.8″ in diameter, 8.6″ in height, and 7.1″ in diameter
  • It weighs 2.1 lbs

Who’s It for?

The Ecopots Round Pot 10″ is perfect for individuals passionate about style and sustainability in their gardening endeavors.

It’s for those who want a durable and versatile pot with a minimalist and timeless design, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who value aesthetics.

Furthermore, a drainage hole and a detached saucer cater to individuals who desire proper water management and clean gardening space.

Most Sophisticated- Cylinder Ceramic Planter


The size of this planter pot has a large 10-inch diameter and a height of 10 inches, giving my basil seeds enough space to germinate. Plus, with a capacity of 2.6 gallons or 10 quarts of potting soil, I had enough room to give my fresh basil the nourishment it craved.

The matching ceramic tray/saucer was a delightful bonus. It added sophistication to the overall presentation while its practical purpose by catching any excess water and preventing messy spills of potting soil. 

The drainage hole ensured water flowed properly, keeping the soil moist and preventing waterlogging issues that could harm my basil’s good root system. The stainless-steel drainage net fit snugly over the drainage hole and kept my potting soil intact. No messy potting soil spills, thanks to this thoughtful addition!

The package included a tabletop scratch pad to protect wooden surfaces from scratches caused by the pot.

two white pots with basil plants

Key Features

  • The simple, elegant, and modern cylindrical design
  • Large 10-inch diameter and 10-inch height
  • Made from 100% ceramic with high-temperature firing
  • Glazed outside but not inside
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole for proper water flow
  • A matching ceramic tray/saucer is included for catching excess water
  • Stainless steel drainage net prevents potting mix spills
  • The tabletop scratch pad protects surfaces from scratches
  • The package consists of extra ceramic planter filler for customization
  • Available in seven colors to suit various interior decor styles

Who’s It for?

The D’vine Dev Cylindrical Planter Pot is perfect for plant enthusiasts who value style and functionality. This pot is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for anyone looking to beautify their living spaces.

Its pre-drilled drainage hole and included accessories, such as the stainless steel drainage net and tabletop scratch pad, make it user-friendly and hassle-free which is great for beginners.

Furthermore, the D’vine Dev Cylindrical Planter Pot appeals to individuals who appreciate high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The range of colors allows for personalization, allowing buyers to choose the one that best suits their style.

Best Self-Watering- WOUSIWER 10-inch Self-Watering Planters


The WOUSIWER 10-inch self-watering planters feature a 40oz deep reservoir that ensures my basil plant is adequately watered. Which is great when I’m away on a business trip or vacation.

The mesh drainage holes at the bottom of the pots promote proper soil drainage and ventilation, preventing issues like soil loss and overwatering. This, in turn, allows the roots to control moisture and oxygen circulation better. Additionally, the detachable saucers make it convenient to remove excess water and maintain optimal soil conditions, preventing any potential waterlogging problems.

This size pot provides space for medium and large plants, making transferring my basil plants easy. With a soil capacity of 1.4 gallons, various basil varieties and plant sizes have enough room to grow and flourish.

Crafted from lightweight, durable, and odor-free PP materials, these planters are built to withstand deformation or breakage. Moreover, the easy-to-clean surface ensures that the planters always maintain their pristine appearance, free from unsightly dirt stains.

The detachable trays and the deep reservoir at the bottom of the container of the saucers effectively contain any excess water, preventing circular water stains often seen with flat-bottomed container planters. 

two brown pots with basil in hanging basket

Key Features

  • 10-inch self-watering planters with an extra 40oz capacity deep reservoir
  • Mesh drainage holes for soil drainage and ventilation, preventing soil loss and overwatering
  • Detachable saucers for easy removal of excess water and maintenance of dry soil
  • Suitable for repotting medium and large plants, with a suggested 1.4-gallon soil capacity
  • Made from lightweight, durable, and odor-free PP materials
  • Modern matte exterior finish for an elegant and clean look
  • Easy to clean and maintain the pots’ appearance
  • Highlights the color and shape of plant foliage with a minimalist round pot design
  • Detachable trays and deep reservoirs prevent circular water stains on floors and carpets.
  • Designed to be lightweight, durable, and resistant to deformation or breakage

Who’s It for?

Busy individuals with demanding schedules or frequent travel will benefit from the self-watering function. The planters are designed with user-friendliness. In turn, making them easy to use and maintain.

Individuals who appreciate modern and elegant design aesthetics will favor these pots for their sleek and matte exterior finish.

Homeowners who prioritize the protection of their floors and carpets can benefit from detachable trays and deep reservoirs to prevent water from causing circular stains or damage to the surrounding surfaces.

Most Charming- Terracotta Cylinder Planter


I’ve used this charming pot to grow basil and conquer the culinary world with flavor and style. Its large 10-inch height and 9.5-inch outside diameter provided ample room to grow roots and for my basil plants to thrive and show off their leafy magnificence. 

The interior diameter of 9 inches gave the roots plenty of space to stretch and grow. Additionally the handcrafted terracotta clay material, with its naturally smooth matte finish and high-temperature firing, this pot looks like a work of art in my garden.

This pot had all the bells and whistles a basil grower like me could ask for. The drainage hole and the terracotta saucer ensured that my basil roots stayed well-drained, reducing water retention.

The stainless-steel drainage mesh net prevents soil from falling off and creating a mess. The protective pad shields my tabletop wood surface from scratches.

It’s inspired by gardeners and plant lovers. They crafted a product that merged quality, functionality, and style. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence made this pot a delight. They truly understand the needs of us basil enthusiasts and garden conquerors.

close up of basil leaves

Key Features

  • Handcrafted terracotta planter pot with slightly varying sizes
  • Large 10-inch size with 10″ height and 9.5″ outside diameter, 9-inch interior diameter
  • Made from porous terracotta clay material with high-temperature firing for durability
  • Elegant minimalist design, adding a decorative touch to any room or garden
  • Includes drainage hole and saucer for proper water drainage
  • Stainless steel drainage mesh net included to prevent soil loss and maintain soil integrity
  • A protective pad is included to avoid scratches on tabletop surfaces
  • Smooth matte terracotta texture surface, highlighting the beauty of plants
  • Suitable for creative craft projects, home decorations, or as a thoughtful gift
  • Premium terracotta clay material with high-temperature firing for weather resistance
  • It comes with a matching terracotta tray for stability and functionality

Who’s It for?

Those passionate about gardening and taking pride in nurturing their plants will find this planter pot an excellent addition to their collection.

Its smooth matte terracotta texture and simple yet modern design make it an eye-catching element. It can enhance any room’s aesthetic.

The D’vine Dev Terracotta Basil Planter Pot is a thoughtful and unique gift option for housewarmings, birthdays, or any occasion where plant lovers are celebrated.

Individuals with a creative side can explore various craft projects using this planter pot. Its versatile design and smooth texture open up opportunities for customization and DIY endeavors, allowing individuals to let their imagination run wild.

Best Wicking Planters- OurWarm Window Sill Planters


These Self-Watering Herb planters take the stress out of watering, so it’s fine if you forget or overwater your plants.

The self-watering principle of this popular herb planter is cleverly designed with absorbent cotton ropes; you can bid farewell to the tedious task of watering your basil and other herbs every day. The planter takes care of it through the magic of osmosis, providing a constant water supply to keep the soil moist and your sweet basil happy.

The water level monitoring feature is an absolute gem for growing basil in pots. You can easily monitor the water level with the visible water level window on the bottom of the planter box. Just remember not to go overboard and flood the poor plants.

Each planter comes with a handy water injection port, allowing you to add water without the hassle of uprooting your precious basil. 

When it comes to quality, these self-watering pots are made of high-quality, thick plastic; they are light, durable, and resistant to direct sunlight. You won’t have to worry about them breaking or aging prematurely.

The stylish and simple multi-color design (coffee, orange, and green) adds a delightful touch of vibrancy to any garden balcony or windowsill.

basil with dew in red pot

Key Features

  • Self-watering principle through absorbent cotton ropes, providing water to the soil and maintaining moisture levels
  • Visible water level window on the bottom of the planter box for easy monitoring and prevention of water shortage
  • Double-layer split design with water injection port on top for convenient and mess-free watering
  • Made of high-quality, durable plastic material for long-lasting use
  • Suitable for various plants, including herbs, flowers, succulents, and mini fruits
  • Sturdy and safe placement on windowsills without the fear of falling or breaking
  • Available in three vibrant colors: orange, brown, and green
  • Perfect for gardens, balconies, kitchens, offices, and other indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Easy maintenance, providing beauty and greenery without extensive care
  • Each pack includes three rectangular planters and six cotton ropes

Who’s It for?

They are perfect for individuals who enjoy the benefits of growing basil and other herbs without worrying about watering them.

Busy individuals often on the go or have a hectic schedule will appreciate the self-watering feature, ensuring their basil grows with the right amount of moisture even when not around.

Gardening enthusiasts will find these planters convenient and efficient, allowing them to maintain healthy plants with minimal effort. Whether you’re a busy professional or a passionate gardener, the Self-Watering Herb Planter provides a practical solution for a hassle-free way to grow basil.

Step By Step Guide for Buying Basil Pots

  1. Assess your space: Determine whether you will be growing it indoors or outdoors, as this will impact the pot size you choose.
  2. Determine your basil needs: If you use basil frequently or prefer a larger supply, you may opt for a larger pot size.
  3. Choose a suitable pot size: A 8 to 10-inch pot size is generally sufficient for individual basil plants. This size provides enough room for the plant to grow while maintaining a compact and manageable size.
  4. Consider a larger pot for multiple plants: If you plan to grow numerous basil plants in a single pot, opt for a larger pot size. A 10 to 12-inch pot can accommodate several plants, allowing them to thrive without overcrowding.
  5. Prioritize drainage: Regardless of your pot size, ensure it has proper drainage holes at the bottom. Basil plants prefer well-draining soil to prevent soggy roots.
  6. Opt for a high-quality pot: Select a pot made from durable and weather-resistant materials such as ceramic, terracotta, or plastic. This will ensure longevity and provide a stable environment for your basil plants to thrive.
  7. Consider additional features: Depending on your needs and preferences, choose a pot with a saucer to catch excess water or one with a self-watering mechanism to simplify maintenance.
  8. Personalize with style: Consider colors, textures, and designs that align with your style.
  9. Check customer reviews: Before making a final decision, read customer reviews of the pot you are considering. This will provide insights into the pot’s quality, durability, and user experience.
  10. Purchase and enjoy: Once you’ve considered all the factors, purchase and get ready to enjoy a bountiful supply of fresh basil from your carefully chosen pot size. Happy gardening!

basil in white pot beige background


What type of pot is best for basil?

Options like clay or terracotta pots allow for better airflow to the roots, preventing waterlogging and promoting healthy growth. However, plastic pots can also work well if they have drainage holes.

Does basil like a big pot?

A pot 6 to 8 inches in diameter is generally suitable for an individual basil plant. However, larger pots can accommodate multiple basil plants or allow adequate room for more extensive root growth.

Can you plant basil in the 6-inch pot?

Yes, you can plant basil in a 6-inch pot. It’s an adequate size for a single basil plant, providing enough space for its roots to grow and establish.

How many basil plants in 8-inch pot?

An 8-inch pot allows space for one plant’s root system to spread out and grow. If you want to grow multiple basil plants, it’s advisable to choose a larger pot size.

Does basil like a small pot?

Basil can grow in a small pot, but it must have enough room for its roots to establish.

How long can basil live in a pot?

Basil can live in a pot for several months. It is an annual herb, but with regular pruning and maintenance, it can continue to provide fresh leaves for an extended period.

The Perfect Fit: Revealing the Best Pot Size for Basil

We’ve explored various options in the quest for the perfect pot size for basil, but two contenders have emerged as standouts in their own right. Taking the crown for the best overall pot size is the Bloomscape Eco Pots 10 inch. 

With its waterproof, UV-proof, and frost-resistant features, this pot stands tall as a reliable companion for your basil plants, protecting them from the unpredictable elements of Mother Nature. Plus, with its sustainable materials and commitment to reducing plastic waste, it’s an eco-warrior in the world of gardening.

The D’vine Dev Cylindrical Planter Pot on Amazon slides into second place with its sleek and modern design. It’s like the James Bond of planter pots, effortlessly blending into any setting and adding a touch of sophistication to your basil-growing adventures. 

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