Best Size Grow Bags for Tomatoes – 5 Perfect Picks

If you’ve ever found yourself in a wrestling match with unruly tomato plants, you’re in for a treat. These best-size grow bags for tomatoes can swoop in like your gardening guardian angels. Tomato plants need space, privacy, and the perfect-sized home to thrive.

So you need to find the perfect fit? Determinate tomato plants are those compact little guys. They’re content in grow bags of around 3 to 5 gallons – cozy but not suffocating. On the other hand, the indeterminate tomato plant varieties need room to spread their metaphorical wings, so go for grow bags ranging from 5 to 20 gallons.

LUNGAR Plant Grow Bags have been a favorite. Their 10 Gallon 5 Packs Planter Pot is solid and durable- ready to take on even the wildest tomato plants. These bags mean business with reinforced handles for easy moving (no more accidental tomato plant tug-of-war) and a double seam that could give even your grandma’s sewing skills a run for their money. Plus, they’re washable – who knew a grow bag for tomatoes could be so low maintenance?

green and red tomatoes in grow bags

Check out a few more top-notch options for best-sized grow bags for tomatoes and compare how they stack up.

Product Reviews

Best Overall- LUNGAR Plant Grow Bags


The moment I laid my hands on these grow bags, I could feel the quality and durability of every fiber. The non-woven fabric is not just any fabric – a solid 300G.

Whether shifting my indoor tomato plant to chase the sun or give it a new spot, these handles are trusty gardening buddies. They are reinforced to the max, carrying the weight of my bags, even when they’re jam-packed with soil.

The double seam is where LUNGAR takes the crown. These grow bags laugh in the face of weather challenges. Rain, wind, or sunshine – they’re practically invincible. My LUNGAR bags stand tall and proud for three solid years – talk about a bang for your buck!

Sturdy and breathable, they’ve got that sweet balance that keeps my tomato plants happy and thriving. And the best part? They’re washable! 

But what won me over is their dedication to sustainability. No more tangled root disasters – these grow bags prevent that circus act. Combined with some strategic pruning and root trimming, I’ve found myself in a long-term relationship with these bags when growing tomatoes. Season after season, they’re proving their worth, making me feel like a gardening pro.

green tomatoes growing in bags

Key Features 

  • They are crafted from high-quality, fluffy, durable, non-woven fabric with a luxurious hand feel. Impressive 300G thickness ensures long-lasting resilience.
  • Equipped with sturdy side handles for effortless tomato plant rearrangement indoors or outdoors. Handles are reinforced and can handle the weight of fully-filled bags.
  • LUNGAR’s standout feature is its double-seam construction. These bags are built to withstand diverse weather conditions, promising a remarkable 3-year lifespan.
  • They can endure seasonal wear and tear with exceptional strength while maintaining tomato plant health. Plus, they’re washable, adding to their endurance.
  • Sustainable solution prioritizing your tomato plants’ well-being by preventing root circling.

Who’s It for?

LUNGAR Plant Grow Bags are the ultimate gardening must-have for anyone serious about cultivating healthy and thriving tomato plants. If you’ve ever found yourself wrestling with unruly tomato plants, these grow bags are your garden’s new best friend.

Suppose you want quality in every aspect of your gardening journey, from the feel of the materials to the durability of the design. LUNGAR’s grow bags are your ideal match.

LUNGAR Grow Bags especially appeal to those who value convenience without compromising tomato plant health. The firm handles on the sides make relocating your plants a breeze, while the reinforced design ensures these bags can take 7-Gallon the weight of fully-loaded soil. 

Most Functional- iPower 5 Pack Plant Grow Bags 


The standout feature of the iPower 5-Pack Plant Grow Bags for me has been the exceptional drainage capability. These pots retain just the right amount of water for the plant roots to breathe and flourish. Thanks to this intelligent design, I’ve witnessed my plants growing smoother and healthier.

One thing that’s instantly noticeable is the quality of the material. The 300g thickened nonwoven fabric gives these bags a reassuring sturdiness. Moving these bags around, even when filled with soil and tomato plants, has been easy. All thanks to the double-stitched handle straps. Plus, the flat base design makes filling them up a one-person job, which is quite a relief.

Outdoor, patios, or indoor setups – these bags are multi-talented. They keep my tomato plants cozy in winter and cool in summer, providing the perfect environment for healthy tomato growth throughout. The tan color looks sleek and it is also a mosquito-repellent. Talk about a win-win!

Here’s an interesting twist: I’ve tried the 7-gallon and 10-gallon grow bags, and the difference is clear. The 7-gallon size is excellent for my large determinate or small indeterminate varieties.

tomatoes and blurry grow bags

Key Features 

  • Nonwoven fabric with high permeability ensures optimal water retention for healthier root breathing and growth.
  • Breathable fabric keeps roots aerated and prevents circling, enhancing nutrient absorption.
  • Its thickened 300g nonwoven fabric with double-stitched handle straps for easy movement and handling, even when filled.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening, providing temperature insulation. The tan color wards off mosquitoes and keeps plants cooler.
  • The flat base design facilitates hassle-free filling, and sewing stitching inside the pot prevents fraying during movement.
  • 7 Gallon versatility makes it ideal for herbs and smaller veggies, ensuring compact growth and manageable plants.

Who’s It for?

The iPower 5-Pack 7 Gallon Plant Grow Bags are tailor-made for gardening enthusiasts of all levels who value efficient tomato plant growth and convenience.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to nurture herbs or a seasoned gardener tending to compact vegetables, these bags are your gardening allies. If you appreciate design, durability, and easy plant management, you’re the type of person who would undoubtedly invest in these grow bags.

Most Space Saving- 5 Gallon Upside Down Planter


From the get-go, the package was a pleasant surprise – it came with not one but two hanging planter bags in sleek black and vibrant green. Measuring 8.8 * 15 inches, these grow bags were the perfect size for growing tomatoes. And the icing on the cake? Two metal hooks are thoughtfully included for easy hanging.

One feature that stole the show was the flexibility to adjust the bags for changes to light exposure. I could effortlessly turn the grow bags to cater to their needs. No more tomato plant burns or shade disappointments.

The heavy-duty nonwoven fabric material means roots can breathe freely, growth is unhindered, and yields increase. These grow bags are like temperature regulators, keeping my plants warm in winter and cool in summer. Transplant shock? Consider it minimized. The roots took to the bags like they were custom-made.

The vertical orientation maximizes water and nutrient supply to the roots, resulting in plumper tomatoes. With 12 holes, indeterminate tomato varieties gracefully hung from the bottom while cherry tomatoes danced from the sides.

Whether on the patio, lawn, or indoors, they found their place seamlessly. Planting tomatoes was simple – tomato seedlings first, then dirt, and voila! I found a sunny spot, adjusted the height, and let the gravity-powered growth begin. These grow bags are built to last. They can easily weather several seasons, and storage is a breeze, taking up minimal space.

tomatoes growing on the balcony

Key Features 

  • It has hanging planter grow bags in sleek black and vibrant green, each measuring 8.8 * 15. It also includes two metal hooks for easy hanging.
  • Unique design allows easy turning for tomato plants that prefer varying levels of sunlight, ensuring optimal growth for sun and shade lovers alike.
  • Crafted from nonwoven fabric, these grow bags provide excellent permeability for root health, promoting robust plant growth and increased yield.
  • Its design is a space-saving marvel, utilizing gravity to enhance water and nutrient supply to roots. Offering a solution against plant-munching pests reduces strain on your back and knees.
  • The upgraded design with 12 side openings lets you cultivate indeterminate tomato varieties and determinate tomatoes in one bucket.
  • Suitable for various spaces, including patios, lawns, and indoors.
  • Designed for longevity, these grow bags can be used for multiple seasons and require minimal storage space.

Who’s It for?

The 2 Pack Black and Green Upside Down Tomato & Herb Planter is a gardening gem tailor-made for novices and seasoned green thumbs looking to elevate their gardening game with space-efficient innovation.

If you value the efficient use of sunlight, love the idea of gravity-powered tomato plant growth, and want to enjoy higher yields without the hassle of sore backs and knees. These hanging fabric planters are your gardening soulmates.

Are you an urban dweller with limited outdoor space? These tomato planters offer a versatile solution for balconies and patios. If you desire a gardening experience that’s both smart and effective, then these grow bags are definitely on your shopping list.

Highest Yielding- AIXI 15 Gallon 


The square shape of these grow bags offers more surface area than traditional round grow bags. This means more room for root growth and efficient use of space for growing tomatoes. 

The 15-gallon capacity is the sweet spot. It’s a step up from the 10-gallon size, giving tomato plants ample space while still manageable. 

Made from durable non-woven fabric, these grow bags are built to last. The fine sewing technology adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring that the grow bag can withstand the test of time. What impressed me even more, was the double-stitched green handle. It makes moving the grow bag a piece of cake while adapting to changes in sunlight intensity.

The solid ventilation in these grow bags prevents root hovering and strengthens the root structure. This, in turn, promotes healthier root development, which we all know is the foundation of thriving plants. The drainage performance was a game-changer, too– no excess water meant the roots could breathe, and growth was vigorous.

One feature that sealed the deal for me was their reusability and ease of storage. These grow bags are durable and practically invincible. They can be washed and reused across multiple seasons, and when not in use, they fold down into a flat form, making storage a breeze.

top view of tomatoes growing out of bag

Key Features 

  • They are crafted from durable non-woven fabric with fine sewing technology for enhanced durability.
  • Double-stitched green handles allow easy moving based on sunlight intensity changes.
  • Good ventilation prevents root hovering, strengthens root structure, and promotes healthy root development. Excellent drainage ensures vigorous root growth.
  • Durable construction allows for multiple-season reuse, and bags can be folded flat for convenient storage.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting like potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, and more.
  • Square design provides more surface area for root growth and efficient space utilization than traditional round bags.
  • Offers ample room for plant growth while remaining manageable upgrade from 10-gallon size, providing more growth potential.
  • AIXI HOME offers the confidence to buy without risk, backed by a commitment to high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

Who’s It for?

If you value durability, convenience, and healthy tomato plant growth, you’re the kind of person who would gravitate to AIXI HOME 5 Pack 15 Gallon Square Grow Bags.

Urban gardeners with limited space will appreciate the square shape’s efficient surface area utilization. At the same time, those eager to witness abundant plant growth will find the 15-gallon capacity to be the perfect sweet spot.

If you prefer a quality, versatile product, and a touch of gardening brilliance, the AIXI HOME 5 Pack 15 Gallon Square Grow Bags are a must-have addition to your gardening arsenal.

Best Complete Kit- Growneer Assembled Vertical Climbing Kit


As someone passionate about cultivating vertical climbing plants like indeterminate tomato varieties, this kit has been an absolute game-changer.

Setting up these cages was simple – no tools were required, and took minimal time and effort. The set has three assembled 17-inch sturdy steel core stakes, each coated with durable plastic.  The nine snap-on arms that come with the kit allow me to build the cage to assist with supporting tomato plants without straining their growth.

The 10-gallon grow bags included in the package are a dream come true for indoor gardening. The environmental non-woven fabric is durable and waterproof, ensuring excellent air permeability and drainage. 

By encouraging vertical growth, the tomato plants remain healthy and free from the weight of their fruit and leaves. The 51-inch height of the cage meets the needs of most tomato plant varieties. 

In addition to growing tomatoes, I’ve successfully used this system for other climbing plants like pole beans and cucumbers. Including clips, a 328ft twist tie, and three grow bags in the package has been a bonus, making the setup smoother.

The air circulation promoted by the cages has kept my plants healthy. Meanwhile the structure provides the needed support for their vertical growth.

Key Features 

  • Supports tomato and other climbing plants, promoting vertical growth for healthier plants.
  • Durable steel core stakes with heavy-duty plastic coating ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Snap-on arms attach easily to stakes, allowing for constant healthy growth without the stems being weighed down by fruit and leaves.
  • Tool-free setup with minimal effort. Convenient dismantling and storage after use.
  • They are designed for tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables like pole beans, cucumbers, grapes, and kiwi.
  • Includes three sets of steel core stakes, connecting pipes, snap-on arms, clips, 328ft twist tie, and 10-gallon grow bags.
  • The system’s 51-inch height meets the needs of most tomato plant varieties, ensuring maximum growth potential.
  • Allows natural air circulation through plants, preventing the weight of fruit and leaves from affecting stem health.
  • Perfect for indoor gardening with 10-gallon grow bags that accommodate indoor spaces and promote optimal moisture levels.
  • Lovely green plastic coating blends well with surrounding plants and decor.
  • Beyond tomatoes, the system supports various climbing plants.
  • The snap-on arms can be adjusted as plants grow, ensuring continuous and appropriate support.
  • Place plant cages closely together to support a large single plant or space them out to cater to individual plants.

Who’s It for?

This kit is tailor-made if you have a penchant for cultivating vertical climbing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vining vegetables. If you value convenience, versatility, and the health of your plants, you’re exactly the kind of person who would benefit from this kit.

If you desire lush greenery within the confines of your indoor space, these cages and grow bags offer a space-efficient and visually pleasing way to achieve just that.

Similarly, outdoor gardeners who appreciate efficient use of space and ease of assembly will find this kit a game-changer this growing season. Whether growing tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, grapes, or kiwi, this kit caters to a wide range of climbing plants.

Step By Step Buying Guide 

different color tomatoes and grow bags

Step 1: Assess Your Space and Tomato Variety

Consider the available space for your tomato plants. If you have limited space, you might opt for smaller grow bags. Also, consider the variety of tomatoes you intend to grow, as determinate and indeterminate varieties have different space requirements.

Step 2: Determine the Size

The size of the grow bags you need will depend on the type of tomato plant and its root system. As a general guideline:

  • Small determinate tomatoes: 3 to 5 gallons (11 to 19 liters)
  • Large determinate tomatoes or small indeterminate tomatoes: 5 to 10 gallons (19 to 38 liters)
  • Large indeterminate tomatoes: 10 to 20 gallons (38 to 76 liters)

Step 3: Consider Depth

Tomatoes have deep root systems, so opt for grow bags with a depth of at least 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm) to accommodate healthy root growth.

Step 4: Quality of Material

Choose grow bags made from sturdy and breathable materials like fabric. Fabric grow bags provide better air circulation and prevent overwatering, reducing the risk of root rot.

Step 5: Handles and Portability

Select grow bags with sturdy handles. Handles make moving the bags easier and adjusting their positions based on sunlight and weather conditions.

Step 6: Drainage Holes

Check if the grow bags have sufficient drainage holes at the bottom. Proper drainage prevents waterlogging and root rot.

Step 7: UV Protection

If you plan to place the grow bags in direct sunlight, ensure they have UV protection to prevent material degradation over time.

Step 8: Number of Plants per Bag

Consider how many tomato plants you’ll be placing in each bag. Providing adequate space between plants is crucial for healthy growth. One indeterminate plant or a couple of determinate plants can be grown in a single bag.

Step 9: Additional Features

Some grow bags come with added features like aeration prunes or self-watering systems. Evaluate if these features align with your gardening preferences.

Step 10: Research and Reviews

Read product reviews and ratings from other gardeners to gauge the effectiveness and durability of the grow bags you’re considering.

Step 11: Budget Consideration

Set a budget range for your grow bag purchase. While quality is important, there are options available for various price points.

Step 12: Purchase and Monitor

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate size grow bags for your tomatoes, make the purchase. During cultivation, closely monitor the plants’ growth and make adjustments as necessary to ensure they’re thriving.


What size grow bag is recommended?

A 5 to 10-gallon grow bag is generally suitable for most tomato plants. Larger varieties benefit from a 10 to 20-gallon grow bag to provide ample space for root growth.

Is it better to grow tomatoes in pots or grow bags?

Both pots and grow bags can be used to grow tomatoes, but grow bags often have the advantage of better aeration, drainage, and portability. They allow roots to breathe and can be moved around to optimize sunlight exposure.

Is a 3-gallon grow bag big enough for tomatoes?

A 3-gallon grow bag might be small for tomatoes, significantly if you’re growing larger varieties. While growing smaller determinate tomato varieties in a 3-gallon grow bag size is possible, larger indeterminate varieties might need more space.

How many tomatoes can you grow in a grow bag?

The number of tomatoes you can grow in a grow bag depends on the variety, bag size used, and spacing you provide. A 10-gallon bag can accommodate one to two tomato plants.

How many liters is a tomato grow bag?

The capacity of a tomato grow bag in liters varies, but a standard 5 to 10-gallon grow bag for tomatoes is the equivalent of 19 to 38 liters. 

What length is a tomato grow bag?

The length of a single tomato plant grow bag can also vary based on the manufacturer and design. A typical tomato grow bag might have a length of around 12 to 16 inches and a diameter of 12 to 16 inches.

Bagging Success: Nailing the Ideal Size for Thriving Tomato Plants!

After thoroughly exploring various options, it’s clear that the LUNGAR Plant Grow Bags have emerged as a favorite among gardening enthusiasts. Their exceptional quality, durability, and thoughtful design have earned them a well-deserved spot at the top. The 10-gallon capacity strikes the perfect balance between providing ample space for root growth and remaining manageable for gardeners of all levels.

The iPower 5-Pack 7-Gallon Plant Grow Bags are closely followed in the ranks of excellence. With their excellent drainage, breathable fabric, and sturdy material, these bags are a reliable choice for promoting healthy plant growth.

Ultimately, the best size grow bag for tomato plants depends on your needs and preferences. Whether you opt for the roomy 10-gallon LUNGAR Plant Grow Bags or the convenient 7-gallon iPower Plant Grow Bags, both choices provide the perfect canvas for cultivating thriving and healthy tomato plants. Whichever you choose, these grow bags are set to revolutionize your tomato gardening journey and pave the way for a fruitful harvest season.

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