Best Tall Perennials – 5 Top Notch Choices

Perennials are the marathon runners of the plant kingdom; they stick around for the long haul, year after year. Unlike on the other hand those fair-weather annuals that fizzle out faster than a sparkler on the Fourth of July. Tall perennials keep giving, season after season, without demanding yearly replanting.

The Strelitzia Bird of Paradise has won me over as the best tall perennial for indoor growing. It can grow, reaching heights up to 5 to 6 feet tall indoors. The bold, banana-like leaves can grow 18 inches long and 6 inches wide, and the bird-like showy flowers are a real eye-catcher.

When it comes to growing tall perennials indoors, we’re all searching for the Holy Grail—those towering green beauties that’ll have your friends and neighbors scratching their heads.

I’ve taken the legwork out of the search for you and compiled a list of the best tall perennials and the qualities that make them perfect indoor plants. Check them out below.

Product Reviews

Best Overall- Orange Bird of Paradise


Don’t be fooled by its “outdoor” label. This plant can thrive indoors with no sweat. It’s all thanks to Wellspring Gardens, the “baby plant” shop. 

Now, about the size, it will be somewhere between 3-8 inches. The Orange Bird of Paradise is a free spirit; its height depends on the time of year and how long it’s been in the nursery.

When your Orange Bird of Paradise shows up, it might be in the pre-flowering stage. Full-grown plants produce tall perennial flowers, but some take a few years. So, don’t fret if your plant arrives without a bloom.

Regarding packaging and shipping, Wellspring Gardens are the real pros. They’ve got strict guidelines to ensure your plants arrive happy and healthy. 

When you get your plant, unwrap it, give it a drink, and let it soak up the sunlight gradually. Basic care instructions are included; you can get even fancier information online. 

The best part is that they guarantee live delivery. Your plant might be jet-lagged from the mail trip but will bounce back quickly.

They’ve got Flower Power Fuel Fertilizer, custom-made for your blooming beauty. It’s packed with all the nutrients your plant needs– nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other fancy stuff. 

Key Features 

  • Orange Bird of Paradise from Wellspring Gardens
  • Perfect for indoor gardening
  • Attracts hummingbirds with tubular flowers
  • Variable height, typically 3-8 inches
  • The pre-flowering stage upon arrival
  • Expert packaging and shipping for healthy plants
  • Live delivery guarantee
  • Flower Power Fuel Fertilizer available for optimal growth
  • Easy-to-follow care instructions included
  • A custom blend of essential nutrients for flowering plants

Who’s It for?

The Orange Bird of Paradise from Wellspring Gardens is a gem that caters to the urban green-thumbed trendsetters. This plant is your horticultural muse if you crave a touch of nature’s beauty within your stylish indoor living space.

If you appreciate the finer things in life and value unique and striking decor, this tall tropical flowering perennial is a must-have. With its variable height and promise of future blossoms, this plant speaks to your sense of anticipation and flair for the extraordinary. 

Most Joyful- Canna Lily 


These tall, flowering perennials have transformed my indoor space into a tropical paradise, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They arrived as starter plants, and I was impressed with their condition. The package included clear care instructions, which I found incredibly helpful.

Since I intended to grow them as tall flowering perennials indoors, I provided them with the right conditions. I chose a sunny spot near a window with plenty of direct sunlight. I opted for well-drained soil and amended it with organic matter to ensure it provided the best possible growing environment. This step sets the stage for their perennial growth. I followed the care instructions, keeping the soil consistently moist but not soggy. Regular, deep watering during the growing season proved key to maintaining their health and encouraging perennial growth.

As the seasons changed, I noticed the Canna Lilies gracefully returning year after year. Their colorful, tall perennial flowers were a testament to their potential, and it was a joy to watch them thrive indoors.

Key Features 

  • South Pacific Orange variety
  • It is ideal for gardeners looking to begin with a healthy young plant
  • Perennial potential returns year after year with proper care
  • Versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • Thrives in full sun, requiring plenty of direct sunlight for optimal growth
  • Flourishes in well-draining, fertile soil enriched with organic matter
  • It requires consistent watering to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged
  • Produces a continuous display of strikingly tall perennial flowers during the growing season
  • Resilient and relatively easy to care for with the right conditions

Who’s It for?

The South Pacific Orange Canna Lily Starter Plant is for gardening enthusiasts who crave vibrant and exotic beauty in their outdoor or indoor spaces. 

It’s tailor-made for the person who appreciates the elegance of a thriving perennial but also values the joy of nurturing a young plant from its early stages. 

If you’re a gardener seeking to bring a touch of the exotic indoors, this Canna Lily variety is your ideal companion. Its stunning orange blooms are like nature’s fireworks display, making it a fantastic choice for a bold statement. 

Most Hardy- Joe Pye Weed


The standout feature of this hardy plant is undoubtedly its brightly colored flowers. When Joe Pye Weed blooms in late summer and early fall, it transforms any home into a haven of blue hues. The fuzzy blue flowers against attractive red stems are a sight that never fails to impress.

While it’s often found in an outdoor flower garden, it’s been an excellent addition to my indoor collection. The #2 size container it arrives in is fully rooted, making it hassle-free to plant indoors.

Joe Pye Weed is easy to care for and naturalizes readily, making it perfect for indoor spaces. The tall, brilliant blue perennial flowers brighten your living space and create a unique, long-lasting cut flower. You can create stunning floral arrangements with them, bringing the outdoors inside.

Joe Pye Weed is a fantastic indoor perennial, especially for those in warmer zones with loose soil. Joe Pye Weed can be enthusiastic about spreading, so plan accordingly to keep it in check if needed.

Key Features 

  • Ideal for indoor gardening, adding a touch of nature to your home
  • They are striking blue flowers on attractive red stems, creating a captivating display
  • Easy to care for, making it suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners
  • It attracts butterflies, creating a delightful indoor butterfly sanctuary
  • The brilliant blue flowers are perfect for creating unique and long-lasting floral arrangements
  • Arrives in a #2 size container, fully rooted and ready for planting indoors
  • Flowers in late summer and early fall, adding late-season color to your indoor space
  • USDA Hardiness Zone 4-8
  • Requires moderate watering, ensuring it stays healthy indoors
  • Be prepared for potential spreading in warmer zones and loose soils, so plan accordingly
  • These key features highlight the beauty, versatility, and ease of care that the Eupatorium coelestinum brings to indoor gardening.

Who’s It for?

The American Beauties Native Plants Eupatorium coelestinum, or Joe Pye Weed, is for indoor gardeners seeking beauty and low-maintenance appeal. 

Joe Pye Weed is perfect for those who want to bring the charm of the wild into their indoor spaces, with its stunning fuzzy blue flowers. 

Its seasonal, colorful blooms, long-lasting cut flower potential, and adaptability to various indoor roles make it a delightful choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature in their home.

Most Colorful- Flowering Maple


I always look for unique and captivating plants to grace my home, and the Abutilon Mixed Colors Flowering Maple Starter Plant has truly won my heart. The first thing that struck me about this plant was the sheer variety of colorful flowers.

With a mix of vibrant hues, from deep reds to cheerful oranges and delicate yellows, it’s like having a miniature rainbow right in my living room. 

While it’s commonly grown outdoors, the tall perennial flowers have flourished indoors in my care. The instructions to keep it moist and out of direct sun are spot on. It prefers excellent fertile soil and part to full sun, making it suitable for well-lit indoor spaces.

Treating them delicately as starter plants is critical, and I appreciate the guidance to plant them to the level where the roots, soil, and plant connect. 

One of the highlights of these tall perennials is their ability to bloom continuously, provided they are kept in moist, well-drained soil. The vibrant plant blooms, bringing joy and a touch of the outdoors to my home. 

Key Features 

  • It offers a mix of stunning colors, including deep reds, vibrant oranges, and delicate yellows
  • It adapts well to indoor conditions, making it an excellent choice for indoor gardeners
  • They provided instructions for delicate care, including planting depth and watering routine
  • The plant blooms from early summer until the first frost
  • It thrives in partly to full sun, adding a burst of color to well-lit indoor spaces
  • Best treated as delicate annual starter plants for optimal growth
  • Prefers excellent fertile soil for healthy development
  • The mesmerizing rainbow of colors creates a captivating and beautiful display
  • It requires attention to watering and sunlight, but overall, it’s a manageable and rewarding indoor plant

Who’s It for?

The Abutilon Mixed Colors Flowering Maple Starter Plant is an excellent choice for various indoor gardeners.

It’s the perfect addition for those who appreciate a burst of vibrant colors indoors, whether you’re looking to diversify your collection of tall perennials or a beginner eager to cultivate a striking perennial plant.

Its adaptability to indoor conditions, provided care instructions, and extended flowering season make it an attractive option. Particularly for anyone seeking to brighten their living spaces with a touch of nature.

Most Fragrant- Gardenia Jasminoides


With its large, double-form white, tall perennial flowers, the Jubilation Gardenia exudes a sweet and enchanting fragrance. The pure white flowers against the glossy green foliage create a stunning contrast.

Its low-maintenance nature makes this plant a standout choice for an indoor flower garden. It’s easy to care for, and evergreen nature remains a lush, green presence in my home year-round.

I’ve found great success growing Jubilation Gardenia in containers indoors in well-drained soil. These tall perennials provide a sense of luxury and sophistication near my patio door, where their fragrance is appreciated up close.

The Jubilation Gardenia blooms from mid-spring to mid-summer, ensuring a steady supply of large, pure white flowers that brighten up my indoor flower garden.

Key Features 

  • Fragrant double-form white blooms with a sweet and enchanting fragrance
  • It can be grown indoors as a tall perennial in containers
  • It requires minimal upkeep, making it suitable for indoor gardeners of all levels
  • Year-round greenery ensures a lush and green presence indoors throughout the year
  • Continuous blooming of pure white flowers from mid-spring to mid-summer, adding beauty to your indoor garden
  • Suitable for indoor settings near patios, decks, or entryways, where its fragrance can be appreciated up close
  • Southern Living collection is known for exceptional quality and beauty

Who’s It for?

The Jubilation Gardenia (2 Gallon) Flowering Evergreen Shrub is tailor-made for indoor gardening connoisseurs who crave elegance and fragrance within their living spaces. It’s the perfect choice for the busy urban dweller seeking a stunning and low-maintenance indoor plant.

Suppose you’re a seasoned indoor gardener adding a sophisticated focal point to your collection or a city apartment dweller yearning for a fragrant oasis by your patio door, the Jubilation Gardenia is your go-to choice. 

Step-by-Step Buying Guide

Determine Your Space and Light Conditions

Note the amount of available space, the direction and intensity of full sun exposure, and whether you’ll supplement light. Different plants have varying light requirements, so this information will help you make suitable choices.

Identify Your Climate Zone

This information can help you select well-suited perennials for your region, whether you plan to keep them indoors year-round or move them outdoors during the growing season.

Define Your Preferences

Think about the characteristics you want in your indoor perennials, such as flower color, fragrance, size, and maintenance level. This will help narrow your choices and ensure you’re delighted with your selections.

Research Plant Options

Research indoor flowering perennials that match your space, light, and climate conditions. Some popular options include peace lilies, snake plants, African violets, and orchids. Look for varieties that are known for their indoor performance and flowering ability.

Check for Plant Health

When buying plants, whether from a local nursery or online retailer, inspect them carefully. Look for the following signs of a healthy plant:

  • Vibrant foliage without discoloration or blemishes
  • No signs of pests or disease
  • Well-developed roots but not overcrowded in the pot
  • A balanced and sturdy structure

Consider Container Size and Potting Mix

Ensure you have appropriate containers and potting mix ready for your chosen perennials. Some plants may require specific potting mixes, so check their care instructions for guidance.

Budget and Price Comparison

Set a budget for your indoor perennial plant purchases. Prices can vary significantly depending on the type of plant, size, and source. Compare prices from different sellers to get the best deal.

Make Your Purchase

Once you’ve thoroughly researched and selected the indoor flowering perennials that best fit your needs and preferences, purchase from a reputable source or buy from a local nursery to inspect the plants in person. Online retailers can also offer a wide selection.

yellow perennial flowers in sunshine

Plan for Care and Maintenance

Before bringing your new perennials home, have a care and maintenance plan. This should include potting them in appropriate containers with well-drained soil, providing suitable lighting, watering schedules, and any necessary fertilization.


What is the tallest flowering perennial?

The “Himalayan Blue Poppy” (Meconopsis betonicifolia) is one of the tallest flowering perennials. It can grow up to 6 feet tall (1.8 meters) or even taller under optimal conditions. This striking blue-flowered perennial is native to the Himalayan region.

What is the longest flowering perennial plant?

The Gaillardia, also known as the “Blanket Flower,” has an extended blooming season from late spring/early summer to late fall.

What is the tall English flower?

The “Foxglove” plant, also known as Digitalis purpurea, is commonly found in English gardens and recognized for its tall spikes of tube-shaped flowers. It can grow to up to five feet or 3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 meters) in height. The English countryside is renowned for its beautiful displays of foxglove.

What perennials are best?

It’s crucial to consider aspects like your region, soil type, and personal preferences when selecting perennials for your garden. Coneflowers (Echinacea), Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia), Daylilies (Hemerocallis), Hostas (Hosta), Lavender (Lavandula), and Peonies are some fantastic and adaptable options to think about (Paeonia).

What is a long lived perennial?

A plant that can survive in the garden for many years without needing to be replaced is called a long-lived perennial. Certain perennial plants have extraordinarily long lifespans and can flourish for decades if given the proper care. Peonies, irises, and other decorative grasses are examples.

Which plants grow the tallest?

The height of plants can vary widely depending on species and growing conditions. Some of the tallest plants in the world are trees like the Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) and the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), which can reach heights of over 300 feet (91 meters). 

Bamboo species are known for their impressive height among non-tree plants, with some varieties of tall plants growing up to 100 feet (30 meters) or more. In the case of non-woody perennials, the Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis betonicifolia) mentioned earlier is one of the taller flowering plants, reaching up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) or more.

The Towering Triumph: Tall Perennials for Indoor Gardening

The Strelitzia Bird of Paradise is the premier choice for several reasons. While the Canna Lily has its merits, the Strelitzia surpasses it in terms of overall suitability for indoor cultivation.

First and foremost, the Strelitzia Bird of Paradise boasts unique foliage and vibrant orange and blue flowers, making it a captivating centerpiece for any indoor space. Its exotic appearance adds a touch of the tropics to your home, creating a serene and visually appealing atmosphere.

Furthermore, the Strelitzia’s adaptability to indoor conditions sets it apart. It can thrive in various light conditions, from bright indirect sunlight to partial shade, making it an excellent choice for homes with varying light levels. Its low maintenance requirements, including moderate watering and occasional fertilization, make it accessible to novice and experienced gardeners.

Moreover, the Strelitzia Bird of Paradise is well-known for its air-purifying qualities, helping to improve indoor air quality by removing harmful toxins, such as formaldehyde and ammonia. This added benefit contributes to a healthier living environment, which is especially valuable for indoor spaces.

In contrast, while the Canna Lily is a beautiful flowering plant with impressive blooms, it can be more demanding regarding care and maintenance. Canna Lilies require consistent watering and substantial sunlight, which may only be feasible for indoor gardening in some settings.

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